Welcome To The Show!

This is it, the big day here at Music Mommas – launch day.  I admit that there isn’t a lot to see here, yet. We still have to decorate and move in all of the furniture, but with a little patience, we will get there.

What can you expect to find here?  You can expect to find three moms (hence the name) who love music, who find solace in music, who believe that music is life.

Our goal is to share the stories of people who bring music to life. Full-time musicians, teachers, technicians, and people who run venues will join us to talk about music. If we’re lucky, we might even convince a few musicians to play some music for us.

The postings will be slow at first; most of the Music Mommas have full-time jobs and will post when they can. We are also working on securing more guests.  We have one interview already, ready for editing and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

In the meantime, I, the momma without a paying gig, might as well introduce myself.  My name is Toni and I have been obsessed with music since Donny Osmond called it Puppy Love.  That should be embarrassing to admit, but we all have artists buried deep in the recesses of our childhood memories.  I moved on from Donny to more serious artists as I reached high school, like the Clash, the Smiths, and Squeeze (I think I just gave away my age). For me, music is a place I visit to feel more centered and calm.

In middle school, I played saxophone for about six months, but my self-confidence eroded and I quit.  About a year ago, I started piano lessons and I’m pretty happy about my progress.  The big goal is to be able to play Let It Be.

We hope you share our site with your friends and that you enjoy our conversations with music makers as the site grows.


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